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Develop a More Positive Attitude by Being Pleasant to Others

It doesn't take too much effort to be pleasant to others. A few kind words, or a small act of kindness, can all add up to make both the giver and the receiver feel good. When you feel good, you want others to feel the same way, so happiness and a positive attitude spreads.

Addiction and SSRI Medications

TIME magazine's June 16, 2008 cover story by Mark Thompson was a detailed article about US troops being given antidepressant drugs to deal with battlefield stress. A quote from the article (p 41)states "The newer drugs have fewer side effects and, unlike earlier drugs, are generally not ad

Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat But it Can Bring You Untold Riches

Being interested my be for people who have self-esteem issues. But for most situations in sales it is important to focus on the other person. One way to centre the conversation on the other person is to be curious about them and the stories they tell. Empower yourself and turn those cold calls into

3 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence When Feeling Insecure

The key to boosting your self confidence is through your feelings. But when you are feeling insecure, this seems more than difficult. The key here is to understand your feelings and your ability to choose thoughts that produce better feelings. When you begin to feel better, more secure in yourself a

I"ll Do it When - What"s Keeping You From Your Dreams?

Most people I talk with are excited about pursuing their dreams. We can get into the juicy details of what they want their life to look like, what they want to be doing, what skills and talents they want to be using, what values they want to honor, who they want to be impacting, where they want to b

How To Get What You Want

Bait the hook according to the fish - Dale Carnegie. In order to get what you want from people, you must first know what they want.

Overcoming Inertia

This article takes a look at a person's goals and resolutions. It then analyzes why most people fail to fulfill them.

Leadership Skills That Will Explode Your Business

Leadership Skills That Will Explode Your Business Learning leadership skills that will explode your business can change your life. Figuring out how to do better at leading may be tough because people are looking up ...

Motivation - How to Develop the Dream Carrier"s Mindset

Believing is accepting the fact that you can achieve your dream no matter what and all the universal force is at work on your behalf. The circumstances, conditions and events are coming together on your behalf even though you may not physically see it.

Anger: To Control or To Learn

Many of us will do anything to avoid anothers anger, yet may be quick to anger ourselves. Many of us dread anothers anger yet continue to use our own anger as a way to control others. Lets take a ...

Hangover Remedies - 10 Tips To Cure Morning Sickness

The 'art' of hangover recovery may not be as complicated as you think. Ranging from common sense to scientifically proven to zany, you can reduce recovery time by 50% or more. In this article, I examined 10 ways in which you can remedy hangover symptoms quickly and easily, ranging from die

I Can"t Find My Children

Many articles written on grief-loss tend to focus on someone who has lived for a period of time and then has died. Articles may also focus on the period that it takes before a person is again in a position where the grief is not very painful. However, through personal experience I have discovered th

How to Develop Mini Storage

The question is: How can I find these self storage unit auctions and get in on the action? These auctions mostly consider area in the United Says. Of the estimated 58,000 self storage facilities globa

The Beauty of Antique Jewelry

Jewelry is everywhere, marketed on TV, publications and billboards. In several of the advertisements the jewelry is really as common and mainstream because the newest bill board hit. It does not have authenticity and character, ...

Never Give Up - Relentless Forward Motion

All human beings are wired to succeed, and engineered to win. However, they differ markedly in the degree to which they are prepared to exert themselves in pursuit of their dreams. This is largely a matter of choice. Under trying circumstances which are, by the way, a fact of life losers trade their

Setting Your Intentions For a Brilliant 2010

If you consciously decide on what you want to achieve in 2010, you stand a much higher chance of making your dreams a reality than if you just take a passive stance and see what happens to you. If you don't bother to define your dream destination, you risk ending up somewhere disappointing.

How to Manage Worry

A discussion about worry being concern over what happened in the past and what might happen in the future. Worry showing issues about trust. Some techniques to manage worry.

Is There a Key to Instant Happiness?

The key to instant happiness is the detachment we feel about a person, a situation, or a thing to make us happy. Many people are unhappy because they are searching for happiness outside of themselves. Little did they know that, happiness is within themselves and not outside of themselves.

You Should You Use a Non-Aluminum Deodorant

The National Library of Medicine says there are more than 30 known diseases connected to aluminum. Aluminum salts used in most antiperspirants have detrimental effects to mice, dogs, and non-human pri

Funeral Ideas To Help The Grieving

Death is the final stage of life just as the funeral is a final remembrance of that life. It is a way of providing closure to surviving family and friends and it allows them to ...

How To Make A Difference in People"s Lives

God has made you to be extraordinary. He has placed in you all that you need to have a good, productive, healthy, whole life, and to make a positive impact on the lives of other people, for His glory. Your life is supposed to count. You don't need to be a president, king, or world known preache

No Time For You? 5 Steps To Having A Date With Yourself!

Do you feel like you never get a chance to do the things you enjoy doing? If you are busy doing for others all the time you might feel depleted. Get 5 steps to help you reconnect with the things you love to do and how to start doing them. Have a date with yourself!