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Is There a Key to Instant Happiness?

The key to instant happiness is the detachment we feel about a person, a situation, or a thing to make us happy. Many people are unhappy because they are searching for happiness outside of themselves. Little did they know that, happiness is within themselves and not outside of themselves.

How to Manage Worry

A discussion about worry being concern over what happened in the past and what might happen in the future. Worry showing issues about trust. Some techniques to manage worry.

I Can't Find My Children

Many articles written on grief-loss tend to focus on someone who has lived for a period of time and then has died. Articles may also focus on the period that it takes before a person is again in a position where the grief is not very painful. However, through personal experience I have discovered th

I'll Do it When - What's Keeping You From Your Dreams?

Most people I talk with are excited about pursuing their dreams. We can get into the juicy details of what they want their life to look like, what they want to be doing, what skills and talents they want to be using, what values they want to honor, who they want to be impacting, where they want to b

A Walk to the Top - How to Work On Your Hopes and Dreams

The reason why I am talking to you is that I know you dream dreams of a brighter future; you keep high hopes for success. You probably have been saying it to who ever cares to listen, that your idea is gold and your plans to get it going already smells of success. I must tell you that this is great

Declutter List

The declutter list will give you a very powerful tool on the war against clutter. It will take all the distaste out of decluttering and make it not only effortless, it will even inject fun into the process.

How To Make A Difference in People's Lives

God has made you to be extraordinary. He has placed in you all that you need to have a good, productive, healthy, whole life, and to make a positive impact on the lives of other people, for His glory. Your life is supposed to count. You don't need to be a president, king, or world known preache

Weight Gain, Fear And Kitty Cats

Animals puff-up when they are vulnerable a threat or are hostile. So do people. If you use excess body weight as armor against the hostilities, or judgments of others you will not be able to lose weight no matter how hard you try. If you are hostile to your self and have low self-esteem you will not

Honor Yourself, Respect Yourself

Be who you are. Own your personal truth. If people criticize you and disrespect you, they are doing so because they do not respect themselves. Honor yourself by respecting yourself.

What Are Chakras?

So what are chakras? Chakras can be termed as wheel from the Sanskrit because of the way energy moves in the body. Because we are talking about the body, let us expand the concept.