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Baby Names by Meaning - Why It'll Last

A name has to last us a lifetime.Its importance can't be stressed enough.It gives people their first impression of you as an individual and often says a lot about the family you come from.Children are often named after their fathers or Mothers.

Hidden 3 Secrets to Getting Pregnant

Amidst overpopulation in numerous countries, it is still a fact that millions of couples are still having some difficulty in successfully conceiving a child for some reason or another. It really is quite a shocker, though, that even though this issue is quite rampant, finding the perfect solution is

32 Weeks - Ultrasound Pictures

3rd Trimester Ultrasound Photos and Pictures - baby's health and positioning are two big reasons for ultrasounds in the third trimester.

Greening the Nursery Part Two - Remodeling & Painting

For many families who are expecting, remodeling will be part of getting the nursery ready for the new baby. Yet to go about this in a "green" way, one first has to consider the health of the pregnant woman. There are some health issues to be aware of before beginning a remodeling project.

Does an Acidic Diet Affect the Gender Or Sex of Your Baby?

I recently received correspondence from someone who asked, in part: "if I make my diet more acidic, will this affect or influence if I get pregnant with a boy or a girl? If so, how?" I will address these questions in the following article.

Foods to Eat When Wanting to Have a Baby Girl

Recently, there's been a lot of press about what a woman eats and the gender or sex of the baby she ultimately conceives.A recent study indicated that women who eat breakfast and consume more daily calories (about 2200) are more likely to conceive baby boys, while women who skipped breakfast an

Reproductive Issues in Anorexia Nervosa

What type of an impact does anorexia nervosa have on a woman's ability to conceive, and what are some of the possible mental and physical health concerns that could present during the pregnancy and in the postpartum phase?

Naturally Inducing Labor - Great Tips

In August 2009 I was expecting my first child. And I sure do remember the yearning thought of wanting my baby in my arms filling me with enough joy to last a millennium on an empty stomach. But as the due date passed the feeling of joy turned into something else and I was completely overwhelmed with

The Early Signs Of Pregnancy - Pregnancychart.net

Pregnancy is the carrying of one or more embryos or fetuses by femalemammals, including humans, inside their bodies. In a pregnancy, therecan be multiple gestations (for example, in the case of twins,

What You Should Know About PCOS and Infertility

Have you overlooked possible signs of PCOS and infertility? If you are just now investigating the possible signs pointing to PCOS, do so ASAP if you are a female above the age of 35 and really plan on having your own baby.

Trendy Maternity Clothes

When someone is pregnant they may be uncomfortable, and also self conscious about the way that they look. That is why it is so important for them to get trendy maternity clothes that they can move around in, and that are going to look good on their body.

An Inside View On Astute Products For Pregnancy Test -- A Couple Information

Many hair growth treatments will help replace that lost hair quickly after giving birth to a child. Femodette is also a case for considering using an egg donor. The effects of abortion, both physical and emotional changes, she's terrified about her new responsibilities, and she's fearful t