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How to Disable Automatic Toilets

In theory, toilets that flush by themselves are more sanitary than other toilets. This is because there is no need to touch a potentially dirty toilet handle and because no one can use the bathroom and forget to flush. Unfortunately, many self-flushing toilets often flush too soon. For most people,

How to Help Your Child Through Teething

Most babies will begin to experience teething pain at around 6 months of age, and it can become quite the test for new parents. Mothers and fathers will notice that they baby will begin drooling, chewing on objects, experience tender gums as well as become more irritable than normal.

Why You Should Invest in Phil and Teds Smart Strollers?

Strollers are the wheeled devices or chairs that are mainly used to transport babies from one place to another with much ease and comfortable. Since their inception, baby carriage has gone through various changes and ...

How to Make Learning a Fun Experience For Your Child With Children's Laptops

As parents, a vital part of our journey with our child is to inculcate them with the knowledge and skills that they would need to face the world. Simple concepts like alphabets, shapes, colors are bare essentials that a child should learn. However, not all parents bear teaching credentials.

7 Tips to Hire a Babysitter

You need to hire an experienced and qualified babysitter so that you can get assurance that your child is in capable hands. Here is your 7 useful tips for hiring a babysitter.

Baby Shower Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

One of the most delightful but challenging parts of planning baby showers is selecting the ideal keepsakes for the event. Far too many people underestimate the thought and effort that goes into selecting baby shower party favors.

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes in Motion

The activities described in this article allow your children to make-believe through Mother Goose nursery rhymes. I always like to use the classics because of their simplicity and rhyme which make them easier for the children to remember the words and to recite them with you. When the rhymes are rep

A Quality Car Seat Will Make That Trip Upcountry an Experience to Remember

Many people do not want to visit upcountry. The reasons for this are not the long hours of driving and the boredom associated with the long hours of driving, the reason is weariness and fatigue associated with these drives. The main cause of this fatigue is the poor quality of car seats installed in

Stress Management Techniques for Kids

School can be stressful for children.school bus image by Lombok from Fotolia.comChildren face stressful situations daily, from the demands of school, personal relationships with friends and family, and hectic schedules. Children who are stressed may develop health or behavior problems, or...

Baby Safety Gates For Awkward Spaces

Baby safety gates are used to help keep crawling babies and walking toddlers in one safe area of the home. These gates can also be used to keep family pets from entering certain rooms in your home as well.

What is a Swamp?

Project on What is a Swamp?. Resources for parents of teens who need science fair project ideas and information.

Mother and Baby: How to Bathe Your Child

Once your baby is about a week old you are going to want to start bathing him to keep him clean. Until he is old enough to crawl on his own it is probably only necessary to do this about once a week, once he starts moving around he will get into more dirt and need to be bathed more often. Giving you

How to Use Desitin With Cloth Diapers

A parent's decision whether to use cloth or disposable diapers hinges on a number of factors. Baby's health, environmental health, ease of use, texture of cloth on the baby's bottom and overall costs are just a few considerations mulled over when making the decision of what is best for a particular

Ties That Bind

A mother's reflection on life passing, changing, empty nest and how special it is to parent.

Nature, Nurture, and Effort

When I read Leslie Scrivener's article, Being smart isn't always a good thing in the Toronto Star, I wasn't sure what to think. I don't disagree with

Improve The Effectiveness Of Communication Among Caregivers

It's essential to make communication a number one priority. Your caregiver is in a service business (your family is the client), and issues will come up that need airing. If your caregiver feels that it is difficult to talk with you, he or she may resent you or misunderstandings may arise.

Features of an Ideal Baby Stroller

The best kind of stroller should have all the features that an average user would look out for. But these features will vary in their size and components. We therefore need to identify the features which are important to us, before buying a stroller.