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What Elements Are in Lemon Juice?

Lemons are citrus fruits that grow in tropical locations, but they are shipped all over the world. Their juice is used in drinks, recipes and even cleaning supplies. Known as a sour fruit, the tart flavor of lemon juice is mixed with natural and artificial sweeteners to make lemonade and other drink

Your Kitchen is Cleaner

The other day, New York City had a new tourist destination. People would gather around the window of a downtown chain fast food restaurant to watch rats play behind the counter and in the food ...

Easy Recipe Plan Strengthens Party Dollar

Everyone loves a good party.But do economic challenges and tight wallets signal the end of fabulous meals and dinner get-togethers?Limited cash doesn't have to mean looking cheap, serving ho-hum fare, or sitting at home alone.With the right menu and a little planning, you can treat your guests

Lemon Infusion

The clean scent of lemon is refreshing, relaxing and can enhance your mood. A bowl of bright, yellow lemons is a beautiful and long-lasting centerpiece that can really brighten up a room!This beautiful, tangy, great-smelling fruit is thought to have come from northern India.

How To Choose The Best Juicers For Your Needs

Having fresh, healthy and delicious fruity drinks in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings is the great advantage of getting the best juicers. Of course you may only get one for your whole household, but you have to consider a number of factors to ensure that you can find a fruit juicer that will w

Simple Ways of Making Almond Butter

Almond butter is made by grinding almond into paste. It can made in different varieties and depending on your taste, it can either be smooth or crunchy. It can be made of raw almonds or ...

Insights to the Diverse Indian Cuisine

People all over the world have always enjoyed the varied flavors of the Indian cuisine. The forms of Indian cooking change substantially when you move from one state to the other, depending on the local ingredients available there.

How to Place a Fondant Bow on a Cake

Fondant is a thick paste consisting of sugar and water. It is used commonly to decorate desserts such as cakes and cupcakes due to the ability to color it and work with it to make basically any type of design the baker is looking for. You can buy it pre-made in a store or even create it at home usin

How to Keep Ginger Root Fresh

Those peculiar looking, knobby pieces of ginger root in the produce section of the grocery store are an asset in the kitchen, especially if you enjoy baking or cooking Asian foods. Many cooks prefer fresh ginger to the dried version, as it's more aromatic and not as hot. If ginger root becomes withe

Common Grill Parts That Need to Be Replaced

All grill parts eventually wear out and need replacement. Find out the most common charcoal and gas grill parts that wear out and some tips for determining when it's time to repair your grill.

Creamy Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

I guess the easiest way to enjoy a bowl of corn soup is to purchase a can of corn soup from your nearby supermarket and cooked it about 10 mins before serving it. Easy right?However, do you know it contains chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to our body? So instead of having a corn soup wi

Define Cordial Relations

Cordial relations basically refer to friendly, sincere, hearty and warm relationships people share with others in their social network. The term cordial is an adjective that means warm and affable or friendly. Although a cordial relationship is an affable one with warm feelings, it tends to take on

The Difference Between Vanilla Extract & Vanilla Flavoring

There are many ways to add vanilla flavor to your food. The most common are pure vanilla extract and vanilla flavoring. While both impart a rich, vanilla taste, they are made in different ways, with different ingredients, and have vastly different prices and subtly different flavors. Whether to use

Healthy Pizza Is Not an Oxymoron!

"Healthy" and "Pizza" don't usually go together. Grease-drenched paper plates, dripping wax paper, or oily deep dish pans plainly demonstrate why pizza is normally thought of as a food to stay away from if you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, or keep

4 Tasty Macaroni Recipes

Home-made macaroni Add a well beaten egg to four cups of flour and sufficient water to create fine dough. Roll the dough on the breadboard until it becomes thin, the slice into strips and sun-dry. You will need a wooden frame with a tightly tacked cheese cloth for you to lay the macaroni properly.

The Benefits of Owning a Propane Grill

A propane grill can be an excellent addition to your household. While the debate continues regarding preferences of propane versus charcoal grills, it's generally agreed that propane is cleaner and more convenient for the everyday user. Save Time Propane grills do not require much prep time.

Traditional Mexican Recipes - I'm Eating What?

Most cultures have learned through the years not to waste food. Particularly when there may be a question as to when one might find that next meal, people throughout history have learned to use every part of the animal but the goozle. Don't know what a goozle is? That is because you never ate o

Home Brewed Beer - A Great Hobby

There are a number of great reasons to get into the hobby of home beer brewing. This article will cover some of the best reasons to get started in making your own beer at home.

Online Liquor Store - Offering Liquor For All Reasons

If you need a gift in a hurry and you know your recipient enjoys a good Scotch Whiskey, the usual routine is to run to the nearest liquor retailer, buy the Scotch Whiskey and bring it home. This is not the end. Now you have to get a strong gift box and a lot of bubblewrap to keep it all in one piece

What Is the Difference Between a Thesis & an Outline?

A thesis and an outline are two integral components of the paper-writing process. Both of them are essential to a successful essay, as they will allow you to stay focused and on topic while you are writing. However, assembling an outline and choosing a thesis are two very different processes themsel