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Does Oophorectomy Reduce Risk for Cancer?

A recent study reviewed by Dr. Maurie Markman suggests that removal of the ovaries in postmenopausal women undergoing hysterectomy may decrease the risk for ovarian cancer.

Breast Cancer - Warning Signs & Symptoms

Carcinoma of the breast, commonly referred to as breast cancer, is a malignant tumor that grows in and around the tissue of the breast. Usually, breast cancer starts its growth in the milk ducts or the glands within the breast.

Modern Day Cancer Symptoms and Remedies

The field of cancer care offers advanced greatly since the illness became a regular reason for death in the eighteenth Century. Today, sign awareness is much greater, making diagnosis simpler, while the cancer remedies available take full advantage of extended information and technology. No more do

Incontinence of Stool

Incontinence of stool is largely underreported due to the embarrassing nature of the problem. However, treatment is based on the cause, and your incontinence may be reversible.

What I Learned from Breast Cancer

One writer reveals what it's really like to live with the disease day-to-day — and honors the woman who helped her through the darkest moments.

Signs & Symptoms of Lung Cancer

According to the Mayo Clinic, lung cancer causes the most deaths in the United States of any type of cancer. More than 90 percent of lung cancer could be prevented by stopping smoking, and other risk factors include exposure to radon, asbestos and secondhand smoke. The symptoms of lung cancer ofte

Cancer Prevention

A cancer diagnosis is scary and serious. And if caught late, your chances of survival decrease. Thus, it's imperative to report unusual or new symptoms to your doctor. Even better, it helps to take steps to decrease your likelihood of developing this potentially deadly disease. There are no guarante

What You Need To Know If Your Mother Had Breast Cancer

If your mother had breast cancer, you have an increased chance of developing it yourself. Knowing your family history, understanding your personal risk, getting appropriate screening tests and making lifestyle choices are important steps toward ...

What Are You Designing After Treatment? How You Talk to Yourself Matters!

One of the best parts of living past breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is that I get to learn so many new things. Even after bilateral mastectomy, I get to support others and I also get to see how I plan my life and space for my creativity. This concept of post-treatment accepting myself as crea

Recurrent Hodgkins Disease

Hodgkins disease is cancer that occurs in the lymph nodes or lymphatic tissue. If cells in the lymph nodes begin to grow out of control, they can cause surrounding tissues to compress. These out-of-control lymph nodes can spread throughout the lymphatic system. When this occurs, it is considered

Peritoneal Mesothelioma Treatment and Information - A Different Type

Peritonial mesothelioma is fundamentally different from other forms of mesothelioma, and it is important to know the exact treatment and symptoms and other details so that you can get the best possible treatment.Read this article for the latest developments in peritonial mesothelioma treatment.

A Client, Not a Patient

A patient is the object of medical care; a client is the subject of medical services. In language as in life, an object is passive, a subject is active.

Hyperthermia and Cancer

Hyperthermia is not yet a avery well known cancer treatment. But this treatment has been used very successfully in many European countries like Germany to treat even the most advanced cases of cancer. Recently, many clinical studies have been conducted in the USA and have confirmed the potential of