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The Ideal Frame For Money And Love

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What's the healthiest "frame" to hold when talking to a girl for the first time? One that says: "I am confident.
I like myself.
I like where I'm going in life.
You are cute.
But being cute is just the start.
So show me what you've got, and maybe I'll include you in my life.
" Having this frame not only makes it much, much easier to talk to girls, but it also makes you much, much more attractive.
Now, consider the frame the MOST guys have: "Wow, you're really cute! If you liked me, that would be great! Please like me!" Not only does this frame make it terrifying to talk to girls, but it's also incredibly unattractive.
This guy's got nothing to offer, and he comes across as some poor helpless little kid looking for free love and affection.
Like some lost little boy looking for his mommy.
You also may realize that both of these frames are self sustaining.
Meaning they will reinforce themselves no matter WHAT happens.
If you walk the Earth with the first frame, everybody you interact with will pick up on it, usually subconsciously, and treat you with massive respect and admiration, thereby increasing that frame.
If you walk the Earth with the second frame, everybody will pick up on it, usually subconsciously, and avoid you like the plague, thereby increasing the frame.
Clearly, switching from the second frame to the first frame is the MOST crucial thing you can do in life.
If you've got the first frame, you'll see the Earth as your own private playground.
Relationships, money, friends, everything will be easy.
Naturally, the second frame can make life difficult, lonely, and far from prosperous.
How do you switch from the second from to the first frame? One step at a time.
Anything this powerful, and this crucial to your success won't come easy.
There's no magic "mind switch," despite how many gurus are trying to sell you one.
It's not easy, it's not quick and it's not automatic.
It takes consistent, conscious effort.
Just like losing fifty pounds of blubber and revealing that six pack underneath.
Most guys WANT a six pack, but few guys are willing to put in the effort to GET a six pack.
Developing the first frame is MUCH more crucial and important than a six pack.
The good news is that with consistent mental practice, and some powerful hypnosis sessions, you can slowly but surely chip away at that second frame, to reveal that first frame underneath.
Once you do that, you'll be in a place to make the world your own.
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