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Key Tools To Manage The Crises

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The crises are critical moments of tension and transition that affect the parts: spiritual, mental, emotional and physics of every human being and they happen principally because a problem appears for which is not prepared itself in these four areas.

And it is in these moments where the crises show his sharper face, stopping to see often by means of painful and radical tests the need to change the paradigms or conscious and unconscious models that we all have.

The crises affect the life of every man of varied ways: from a change of work or of mentality to work since it happens to an employee who meets forced by means of the need to change economic activity and to begin an own business, as well as to finish a sentimental relation that one believed good but that was more the prejudice that it was causing that the benefit, better horizons to travel to another country to establish and seek better horizons, to lose a dear being, to face a painful or terminal disease, to face the unknown thing or the uncertainty, to change way of life radically, specially when for medical prescription it is necessary to to do it, when before there was never thought that it would happen, to be suddenly in the middle of a war, to finish friendship that they were not benefiting, etc.

And so events happen in our life that they force well be to shaping our paradigms or ways of thinking and acting habitually or to changing them radically. And often the facts force to adapting in the minor possible time or otherwise the losses or the consequences can be still major or up to definitive and devastating. The truth is that to crises there are two factors that condition and are so antagonistic on one hand Resistance to Change and on the other Adaptability.

The Adaptability on the other hand suggests a model totally opposite to the attachment of the known since it happens with the Resistance to the Change, though to come to her the process can be gradual. In the measure in which the event that one presents is not so drastic that it forces in record time to change the ways of thinking and to act.

One of the most difficult points when it face crises is in the managing of the emotions so the feelings specially of attachment and pain, and fear of the unknown thing establish themselves in a such way in the subconscious of the persons that they make difficult to see an exit to the problem or current problems.

And although this critical point takes the majority of persons by surprise in the world, there are persons beyond the common and leaders who use as strategy to preparse and to anticipate to the changes of the future by means of the constant training in Human Development and Overcoming, this will include a spiritual active life and a mental constant diet with resources of Overcoming and Self-help to adapt the models of thought that anyone has and who do not allow to take the advantages that offer the constant soft or strong changes that the life brings.

The physical health and his training also play a fundamental paper in the attitude before the changes that the life brings and before which nobody is exempt. For example, a person who practises a physical regular activity liberates habitually in his body the hormones of the well-being "thread "" endorphin" that take a message of tranquility and optimism to the cells of the body, whereas the sedentary or indifferent persons to the physical exercise liberate for the most part "catecolamins" that are the hormones of the stress and the obesity which long effect has to the organism for real internal catastrophes that can go from a fall of tension and faint, cardiovascular diseases, up to a sharp heart attack or heart failure.
In this respect the crises are like general thermometers that measure and test the general condition of the human being before the changes and according to his intensity or gravity qualify with integral earnings or with catastrophic losses each of his pupils.

It is known also for many that the word crisis involves according to the oriental wisdom two key words that are a risk and opportunity where since we have analyzed facing to the risk operates the Resistance to Change for the fear of the unknown and the Adaptability facing to the opportunity.

Although the events that determine the crises can be often untimely, for a spirit and a mind trained the possibility of choice always exists and there it is when we can speak of recognizing the opportunity to appropriate of her and to grow. On the other hand it will not be equal for those who do not anticipate the changes and are taken of surprise by them, turning out to be this in a total confusion before the circumstances that happen and the generation of fulminating psychic and organic reactions that go from the apathy and the total disinterest up to the temporary or definitive losses of health.

One of the most common, harmful and dangerous reactions of the persons before the crises, specially in the economic aspect is that when a sharp crises comes in the economy of his country they stick desperate to the old ideas of gaining the money and abundances of fear they avoid to penetrate into the new ways of growing economically as the business on line, the multilevels promoted by serious companies, to place a new business, etc. On the other hand they hope that others take charge of the situation and life changes for them as: the government, the chief, the traditional work, the family, the lotteries, etc.

This chronic attitude of many persons implies that it is necessary develop the brain and to train it for the changes, because only a trained brain is prepared to make the best out of a crisis, anyone that is: personnel, familiar, labor or social.

In another order of ideas there are persons who face the crises with other two attitudes and wrong models of thought. Some choose for the passiveness and the resignation and others for the fantasies without acting to change his environment and his results.

Those who choose for the passiveness and the resignation do it because into his temperament there are not very inclined to fight and change the circumstances that surround them, but also this behavior and this attitude before the life reveal a low autoesteem that governs his actions demerit any initiative that they want to take and looking on the other hand for the approval of the others that can walk so or more lost than themselves.

Those who stick to the fantasies and do not act, are another profile of individuals who dream of an ideal situation of personal, familiar, labor or social prosperity, but since they are not ready to put the action or the work to change the facts, have a little rest in a mental fiction where they guard a weak hope which some day the things will change. Certainly that this day so longed never comes because his mental programming is not coherent with his desire.

Doing a social objective critique, the persons have not been prepared to face the crises by improvements in his attitude that is the effective way of since they must act before a problem that one presents in his life, which affects his autoesteem and if on the other hand they have been formed to face the problems and the challenges of the change with improvements in his aptitude that is the technical knowledge for solving labor situations, which does that they invest increasingly in the Traditional Education to obtain diplomas and titles, and to neglect the Practical Education that is not available in the educational common centers and that is the only one who can allow them to handle the problems with powering and assertiveness.

And although the Traditional Education can allow to handle better the labor problems with new technical knowledge, it is not integral and get annulled before a waterfall of problems that can affect the life from several angles in moments of crises where on having a serious problem in an area of the life as the personal, they fall like an domino effect the others, as the relative, labor and socially.

Another very delicate situation that one presents commonly in the attitude of the persons to resolve or to treat the crises is that they use the corrective managing to solve the challenges and problems, instead of using the preventive managing.

The corrective managing is not another thing that to take the most indicated action when the problems of the life come, with the aggravating factor of which not always it is succeeded the result and more disadvantages can present of those who were had initially.

But the saddest thing of this way of thinking and acting is that it operates as an effect of rebound, where the person acts only if the problem or the difficult situation presses him or her to move and to act.

On this way thinks 95 % of the of the world population who is very far from having a life of success.
On the other hand the preventive managing consists of being anticipated to the changes that they could present and be prepared to operate before the change happend and the problems surprise and generate a crises.

And this one is the method and the way of thinking and to act of the leaders who mark the step in the different human fields of action.

Finally there exists another category with which the persons try to handle the problems that appear them and is known as the evasive managing that is the most dangerous of three methods to face the crises.

And in this one there fall down many persons who do not see the means to solve the crises and therefore to take the easiest way that is to react emotionally to the problems being annulled to themselves and to look for desperate leaks that extract them of the reality that they live and fall in: the depression, the vices as the alcohol, the tobacco, the drugs, the promiscuity, the omens and fetishisms, etc.

And some of them will commit an outrage finally against his own life or the life of others if it is necessary.

Let"s look at the time according to these problems that afflict to so many persons the world a series of Tools Key To handle the Crises:

To be an authentic warrior who adapts to the changes of the life you must undertake a program of constant autoimprovement to anticipate yourself to the changes and to handle the crises with assertiveness.

Learn to train, to cultivate and improve your attitude opposite to the life and his changes, not to improving your aptitude that is to accumulate more technical knowledge to solve specific problems as those who appear in your work or labor activity.

Taking advantage of the resources that the technology offers today you find tools to improve your practical performance in the life as the offered in the section "Resources" of Create Global Future.

Define your dreams in writing and establishes goals in writing also to fulfill them for the next ten years and divide every goal in aims for every month of the year, then design an action plan to achieve them and enters her.

The dreams and the goals it has an incredible power to overcome crises and difficult moments of the life, but always and when you act to achieve them.

Read fifteen daily minutes of recommended books. That work your spiritual part as the Bible and others that work your parts: personnel and relative (Self-help and Overcoming) and labor (Financial Education).

This knowledge will allow you to anticipate you to the difficult situations and challenges of the life and to react logically to solve disadvantages without clouding over emotionally.

Because you will use the successes and the mistakes that other persons of success did for your benefit avoiding losses of time and emotional.

The physical activity is extremely important for the mental and emotional health. Because the body receives by mean of blood the major oxygenation in cells and specially for the constant liberation of the hormones of the well-being thread "" endorphin that take a message of health and tranquility for the whole body.

For it the exercise increases powerfully your self esteem. Therefore practise minimum twenty daily minutes of a physical activity that demands your body: athletics, to travel, swimming, cycling, etc.
Take periodic contact with the nature.

The environments full of cement, cars, pollution and noise are a monolithic machine of stress. Frequent at least once a month a nature reserve and feel the benefits of the nature to recharge yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

You must have care with the companies that you frequent in your free time. And we refer here to all those persons that you consider to be your friends or friends and who have bad habits of life since they are a catalyst to promote the effect of the crises in your life.

Look for the company of persons that have a healthy way of life, without vices and stable emotionally with fundamental values for life and the society as God, the family and work. And that practise other values of supreme importance as the honesty, the integrity and the discipline.
Search a mentor in your life. That is a person model to imitate for his habits of life and results. In this point it is possible that you manage to know several of them since there are those who are outlined in different areas of your life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. If you have them nearby try to make you a friend of them.

If definitively you must do a corrective managing to a crises that you have or could not have overcome it is necessary to take a time in order that the emotions go down and get cure at least partially the psychological wounds, equal to since it happens with the process of healing of a wound or physical injury.

And then with major brilliancy and mental objectivity discover the mistakes that you could commit for not repeating them.

Strengthen your spiritual part by means of the study, prayer and meditation. Looks for the God"s help permanently and frequents your church or group eclesial taking part actively of his regular activities.

Avoid the false points of support in your life to overcome the crises and difficult moments in your life as: the addiction to the alcohol, to the tobacco, the drugs, the promiscuity, and any other element or activity that they commit an outrage against your mental, emotional and physical health. Remember that the vices and the addictions are excellent elements to sink in the crises and to never go out of them.

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