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Getting Things Done: Personal Success Affirmations to Win Everyday

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You live everyday one day at a time.
Anything you want to achieve gets done with your daily activities.
It is important that you will have enough motivation and energy to carry out the day's tasks to achieve your goals.
This article shows you how.
Using the affirmations is one of the effective ways to get that motivation and to program yourself to have a successful and winning day.
When you wake up in the morning, say each sentence out loud four times - "Today, I will have a winning day", "I am a winner", "All is well with me now".
Then, during the day, repeat mentally or aloud - "Today, I am having a winning day".
Anything you want to do, start it now.
Then, getting things done will be easy.
"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"
- Goethe Mike R had creative ideas.
His problem was inability to get those things done.
Every morning when he got up, he thought, "I am going to complete them today".
However, he had to rush to his day job.
By the time he got home in the evening, he was so tired; he was exhausted physically and mentally.
His dreams and goals kept on getting postponed and he grew frustrated day by day.
He had to take a different approach.
He made plans to accomplish his ideas when he got up in the morning, when his mind and body were fresh and creative.
He made plans to get up early and just start to work on his goals.
Day by day, he made progress.
He made arrangements to come to his day job a little late and stay a little late to make up for the time.
Every morning when he got up, he shouted four times- "Today, I will have a winning day" "I am a winner" "All is well with me now".
And then, he started working on his goals and plans.
He got pumped up because his goals are getting accomplished and dreams were coming true.
So, when he got to his day job, he was motivated and his productivity increased at work.
At the end of the day when he returned home, his mind was clear and even if the energy was low, he was able to complete at least one creative idea or one maintenance task, just by starting it.
Many times, starting to do a task is all it takes to get things done.
He did physical exercises, spent time with his family, read motivational or educational books, watched a little TV and got excited to start the next day with more enthusiasm and vigor.
Start your day well.
Many times, starting to do a task is all it takes to getting things done.
Practice the key skills to perfection just like a professional athlete hones his or her skills everyday.
Have a winning day! Action Plan: 1) Use affirmations and anchors to maintain the positive state of mind.
2) Maintain energy by taking adequate amounts of nutritious food and taking breaks.
3) Keep fit: Aerobic exercises and strength training.
4) Work on your important goal or on a creative idea first thing in the morning.
5) Work on at least one creative idea or a maintenance task in the evening.
To practice affirmations on personal success and getting things done, see - Self Affirmations Tool for Getting Things Done.
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