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A Walk to the Top - How to Work On Your Hopes and Dreams

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It's that important.
I just have to stress it again, IT IS IMPORTANT.
What I'm about to say is very important if you want to steer yourself through a successful life's journey.
Mark my words and keep it in your mind because it is going to serve as an inspirational balm as you walk to the top.
Now this is it! Successful people don't just drift to the top, it takes: a.
Focused action, b.
Personal discipline, c.
Persistence and d.
Lots of energy everyday to make things happen.
With this three in your kitty, you stand every chance of making it to the top.
The reason why I am talking to you is that I know you dream dreams of a brighter future; you keep high hopes for success.
You probably have been saying it to who ever cares to listen, that your idea is gold and your plans to get it going already smells of success.
I must tell you that this is great because with your ideas and dreams you now have the foundation to start writing your success story.
But one thing I don't want you to forget is this: Your dream will only remain a dream if it is not backed by these points mentioned above.
So also your hopes will remain what they are 'HOPES' and no more.
Therefore in building upon your foundation remember the following; FOCUSED ACTION: So many are the distractions and challenges on the way to success, so you have to be careful the moment you start your journey.
Therefore you must be focused on those actions that are directly related to your aspiration.
As you stay on directed actions, remember to put much emphasis on your strength.
Your strength lies in those things that you can do excellently well and almost effortlessly - your talent.
When you focus most of your time and energy doing the things you are truly brilliant at, you eventually reap the big rewards.
PERSONAL DISCIPLINE: This is where the power of exercising control holds sway.
In all areas of your personal life, you must ensure that you watch your actions closely.
So many are the cravings of the body which can deviate your attention from your goal if given the chance.
You must be discipline in managing your time, watching over your habits and social life.
You must do everything fight off idleness and laziness.
Just be disciplined.
PERSISTENCE (never gives in, never, never give in): The truth is this; you will experience inevitable setbacks, delays, and disappointment and temporary defeats on your way to the top.
But when you persist in spite of these challenges, you demonstrate to yourself and people around you that you have the qualities of self discipline.
When you back up all your goals and plans with unshakeable determination and persistence, you will eventually find that there is nothing in the world that can stop you.
LOTS OF ENERGY: Walking to the top is work and it requires lots and lots of energy.
You will have to brainstorm ideas, work out strategies, plan, meet people, read and reply mails whether online or offline, create products, market and promote products etc.
These are all energy sapping activities and as such require a lot from you if you want to reach to the top.
Therefore be organized and plan effectively to sustain your energy level while executing your strategies.
Keep your hopes and dreams alive, work it.
Make it a great deal to reach the top.
See you there!
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