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3 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence When Feeling Insecure

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The key to boosting your self-confidence is through your feelings.
But when you are feeling insecure, this seems more than difficult.
The key here is to understand your feelings and your ability to choose thoughts that produce better feelings.
When you begin to feel better, more secure in yourself and your thoughts, then self-confidence is just around the corner.
Here are 3 ways to boost your self-confidence when feeling insecure.
Realize that there is no such thing as real security Security, like many things, is an illusion.
Nothing is really ever totally secure.
This isn't to sound pessimistic, but it is truth.
When you can accept this truth then you can free yourself to go inside and find the inner resources that it always takes to come out ahead.
You have strength, knowledge and surely enough experience to build up your self-confidence by remembering that you survived some pretty hard moments in your life.
And because of these difficulties, strife and low moments, you found the inner courage to fight and eventually overcome your problem or fear.
Remembering these moments helps to build your confidence.
Build on your failures Every time you fail, you set yourself up for an even bigger success.
Learn to see problems as empowering rather than disempowering.
You've learned a lot in your life.
You have solved many problems before.
How could you use your unique qualities and past experiences to build an even better future? If you can learn to rely on your instincts, inner courage and strength you can survive or overcome any external situation.
The economy might fall apart, war may rage but if you learn to have confidence in yourself and to remember that you have a toolkit of past failures that has given you answers on to how to solve many, many problems.
Start digging in that treasure trove for some unique self-confidence building tool.
Have faith in yourself self-confidence is built on your faith in yourself.
Faith can get you through even the most insecure times.
Believe in something.
The saying, 'If there is a will there is a way" can also give you a bit of faith that you'll find the right people, places and moments to get through whatever scary and dark times that lay on your path.
Boosting your self-confidence when feeling insecure starts with empowering thoughts about your own inner strengths, whether they come from past experiences or because you understand that the only way to feel secure is to have that faith in your own abilities.
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