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How To Get What You Want

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People don't want to know how much you know until they know how much you care and people go along with people they get along with.
In order to make people do what you want, when dealing with people, never talk about what you want.
If you haven't noticed by now, 95% of the time you are thinking about your needs, desires, fears, insecurities, dreams, failures, achievements and blessings.
I can also guarantee that other people are doing the same.
The most important person in this world to you is you and I can prove it.
When a group picture is taken, who is the first person you look for? You have a severe toothache that is causing you an excruciating pain, what matters most at that point in time, your toothache or a famine in china.
If you are the most important person in the world, then to others, they are also the most important person in the world.
They would rather listen to their own voices, get solutions to their own problems and have their own needs met rather than concentrating on yours.
Making people do what you want has never been easier.
There is no secret to it.
It just takes maturity.
The ability to be selfless in your own actions.
Seek first to meet the needs of others before meeting your own needs.
5 steps you need to take in order to lead people to do what you want: 1.
Give them what they want and make sure it's relevant to what you want.
This will make them realise that in order to get what they want from you, they have to give you what you want.
Make your proposition attractive.
Make sure you have a unique selling point.
Concentrate on people who can afford to give you what you want.
There is no point applying to a company that cannot afford to pay you.
Be there at the right time and at the right place.
Always asks for what you want.
In sales we call it closing - Always ask for the order.
Now you can go and get what you want.
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