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Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat But it Can Bring You Untold Riches

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Have you ever faced the seemingly impossible task of cold calling? In the sales world we call this the fear or "the two hundred pound phone".
Having faced this myself in the past I was very reluctant to pick up the phone and make that all important phone call.
I could not figure out why I had such fear of a little thing like the phone.
Maybe it was because I was uncomfortable and had a fear of rejection.
But in the end it was just that I was thinking about myself and how I felt about what the other person was going to say.
It seemed every time someone had an objection I took it personally.
When I approached others for help with this problem they simply told me to get enthusiastic and believe in yourself.
But enthusiasm is only a temporary feeling in fact too much enthusiasm can turn people off.
Another thing about enthusiasm is you are still focused on you.
This problem persisted until someone told me about curiosity.
A way to stop thinking about you is to focus on the other person.
A simple way to do this is to be tap into your sense of curiosity.
Be genuinely curious about the other person and the phone will miraculously become weightless.
We are all of us curious by nature.
It is part of who we are as human beings.
Just watch a child, see how they notice and become enthralled with everything around them.
Remember the greatest skill in sales is a highly developed sense of interest in other people.
Notice how everyone becomes fascinating when you access your curiosity and genuine interest in others.
Everyone around you has a story to tell.
Let them tell it, become curious for more and interested in everything they have to say.
Once you begin doing this you can begin a conversation with virtually anyone, even if you are cold calling.
Also note that there is no such thing as a cold market.
The moment you start a conversation with someone it begins to warm.
By now we all know that the key to creating a substantial income is to touch as many lives as possible.
This means you will have to get out there and meet a lot of people.
You must do this by being genuinely interested in them and not so concerned in their buying your product or service.
If you learn nothing else from this little discussion let it be that you put aside any questions about money, any ideas about making the sale, rejection, your own self interest and anything else about you.
If you focus on your innate curiosity and genuine interest in the other person, you will not have time to be nervous, self-conscious, awkward, self-critical or even manipulative.
From this point on you will too busy being interested in the other person.
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