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Header Tags H1, H2, H3 And SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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Based on the above information, you may think that META tags are useless? Well, not really. Always include a Meta description tag on every page to avoid the search engine making up its own description from random excerpts on the page.

Considering the META keyword tag, some believe that including a keyword in your META tags and in the visible content of your page may improve your search engine rankings. For instance, let's say your keyword was "San Diego Web Designer" and it appeared in the body text that is visible to the user. If the keyword were also included in your meta keyword tag, then that would reinforce to the search engine that "San Diego Web Designer" was an important theme on the page.

Search engines deem words that show in the page headline and sub heads to be important during the indexing process. In other words, it is beneficial to include your desired keywords and phrases your H (Header) tags. Use keywords in the H1, H2, and H3 tags to help search engines optimally rank your web pages. H tags are given more weight than regular page content. The higher the H tag the more weight it carries. An H1 tag is supposed to have more authority than an H2 tag and so on. Emphasize the use of the H tags to highlight the relevant keywords and headings of your page.
Because certain search engines give less weight to H tags, some website designers no longer use them. That's a big mistake. Having proper H tags on your pages may not always help your search engine rankings, but it will not hurt your chances.

The Google ranking algorithm suggests that if you're using an H1 tag, then the text within the tag must be more important than the content on the rest of your page. Don't just repeat your keywords within the H1 tag indiscriminately; instead try to write a short sentence or a tag line including your relevant keyword. Using H1 tags is a great way to put emphasis on your site's keywords, so be sure to include it in your search engine optimization strategy.
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