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Overcoming Inertia

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Although most of us profess goals, which can run the gambit from attaining that higher position to earning that master's degree, writing that book, taking that cruise, learning how to play golf, or, simply, losing those pounds, two factors often thwart our efforts.
One is external and the other is internal.
The former, considered the "realities of life," restrict our time and dictate that we work, earn money, put food on the table, and raise our children.
The latter, however, are more elusive to define, but arise when annual events, such as birthdays and New Year's Eves, serve as wake-up calls to the passage of time, alerting us to the fact that goals, which in some cases have been long ago shelved, have not yet been achieved, yet our life clocks have begun to unwind.
Unfortunately, it takes more than the ring of a New Year's bell to do so.
If it did not, then lofty intentions would have already been transformed into realities and would thus need no prompting.
Connecting with some desire or wish, people may intellectualize what they would like to do, but have not emotionalized the process by picturing themselves taking the necessary steps and exploring whether they have the resources, such as the time, tools, and tenacity, to do so.
That only a tiny percentage of resolutions are ever fulfilled indicates that they do not, and voicing their desires to others only serves as a means of (falsely) convincing themselves that they do.
Any attempt to "try" to fulfill their wishes is sometimes only a feeble effort to "try" to do so one more time, without necessarily questioning why they have failed on other occasions.
Stating, for example, that they would like to write that great American novel while relaxing in a chair and conversing with a friend is a very passive activity that is a far cry from overcoming the inertia that keeps them from getting out of it and creating the outlines, devising the characters, exploring the plots and settings, tackling the dialogue, and writing and editing the finished product.
Look, therefore, within, as if you were viewing a truth-reflecting mirror-your truth-and explore what may be your real stumbling blocks, such as lack of self-belief, insufficient knowledge about the task and its requirements, a shortage of steam, or sheer procrastination.
This, in essence, is the first step to your goal, and may enable you to eclipse the line between "talker" and "doer.
" No one ever reached his destination without undertaking the journey.
Those who remain in their proverbial chairs, however, are denying themselves their own opportunities and they will be the only ones to lose out.
Time is, after all, a gift that cannot be saved, like money, in a bank account and later withdrawn with interest.
Any moment that you fail to use yours for whatever you deem valuable to your life will be gone forever.
In the end, New Years and similar annual milestones serve as wake-up calls, but only a person's wherewithal can adequately answer them.
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