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Paper Seeds - An Exercise in Sprouting and Manifesting

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When I was young I lived on my grandpa's farm and he taught me some very important lessons.
Another of the lessons had to do with the Biblical verse, 'As you sow so shall ye reap.
' Planting seeds, literally and figuratively, is a magical thing.
When tended to, given fertile soil and water, and nurtured, seeds grow into the bounty of life (again: literally and figuratively).
With real seeds and plants, there is a caution that once we see the little sprouts, we must not tug on them to try and make them grow faster because that will simply kill them.
But with a figurative seed, the growth can be immediate or at the very least imminent.
An idea or goal coming to fruition can manifest as quickly as you're ready to allow it to.
You can't go beyond where you have not yet begun.
What does this mean? It means, in order to have the grown plant, we need to start with a seed.
Now for the sowing.
I absolutely LOVE this exercise.
Get some 3 x 5 cards in different colors.
Take one card for each thing you want to manifest.
Is there a language pattern you want to learn or a personal or financial goal that you wish to achieve or an affirmation that speaks to you? When you've chosen one write it out on the card.
The best way to do this is to apply it to an internal state.
'I am aware of the things I need to do to persuade in every interaction I have with another individual.
' In this affirmation, you're aiming at your awareness.
People tell me all the time, 'Kenrick, your stuff is brilliant.
I absolutely love it.
I can't get over how good it is.
I'm so thrilled to be studying with you.
Now, yesterday I was just involved with someone and I forgot to use what it is you're teaching me, but I'm starting to remember.
' I hear this from people I've been working with for years.
And that's okay.
It takes the time it takes.
Consciousness is fickle, but you can help yourself with that.
So you've got your statement written on the 3 x 5 card.
Now take the card and cut it into about fifty little pieces.
Cut it up so you have little bitty pieces of the card.
The next step is to take the card pieces and tape them up all over your house.
Stick them on the steering wheel of your car.
Stick them on your elliptical machine or treadmill.
Stick a few up on your bathroom mirror.
Everywhere you are, stick a little piece of the card.
There are all kinds of places you can put them.
Put them all over the place and leave them there for a number of days, no less than seven, and tell yourself every time you see one of these pieces, you're going to think of the affirmation that you wrote.
What you're going to find is that you will absolutely actualize that affirmation a hundred times faster than you would have otherwise.
This is a great strategy that you can use to just push something into your brain and make you act on it.
I'm absolutely certain if you try this, you'll have amazing flowering gardens of success.
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