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Can God Change His Decision About Us?

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God loves us all whether we believe in him or not.
It is for this reason that he allowed our Lord and savior Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us to be saved through him.
In the bible we are shown many instances where God repents upon his decision.
Some of these instances can be found in the examples below.
One of the first instances when God teaches us that he can change his mind about the outcome of things is in the book of Genesis, when the Lord had decided to destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins.
Abraham asked the Lord if he would still destroy the city if there was one faithful man in it and the Lord said he wouldn't.
Another instance of the Lord repenting on his decision is in the book of Exodus where it reads, 'And the Lord repented on the evil where he thought to do unto this people.
' In the book of Chronicles, time and again God spared the lives of the kings; King Hezekiah was spared even though at one point he had a terminal illness.
In the book of Jonah, God spared the lives of the people of Nineveh.
In the New Testament a woman approached the Lord while he was amongst his disciples and asked for his help.
At first he refused saying, 'It is not meet to take the children's bread and cast it to dogs.
' However he changed his mind after the woman had demonstrated that she had faith in God.
What is of importance in all the cases mentioned above is that God and Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ change their minds based on us repenting or having faith.
God does not need to change his decision.
He gives us to our hearts desire as long as it is good for us.
This means what is meant for us is always available to us.
We change the outcome of things when we abide by his commandments.
If we disobey him we suffer the consequences of this disobedience.
If we obey him we reap the rewards of our obedience.
A typical example of this is similar to how we live in society be it as parents or children.
When a child is stubborn we seek a means for punishment.
The same is true for crimes we commit.
When the child repents we forgive them and eventually they get what they want.
If we show repentance for crimes that we committed our sentence is also reduced.
In the spiritual world the change in the course of events depends on our actions.
All that we desire is there to be taken but getting what we desire is dependent on our actions.
In all things we should be thankful because God has made them work in our favor.
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