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No Time For You? 5 Steps To Having A Date With Yourself!

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Does a date always have to include someone else? Why not schedule a date for just you, by yourself? For many it is common practice that they are always at the bottom of their list. When they finally get to what they want to do they feel rushed and the joy is almost non-existent. If this sounds familiar you arent alone and it is time to find a way to do more of what you love. A date with just you doing what you love can happen and it can be fun.

5 steps to having a date with YOU!

1. Create your personal nourishment menu.
A nourishment menu is a list of things you love to do. Things that make your heart sing with joy. Write a list of all the things you enjoy doing. This might be difficult if it has been awhile since you have done something you truly love doing. The things on your nourishment menu can take 10 minutes to 10 hours. Let your mind wander, there are no limitations. This menu becomes handy when you dont know what to do. It is a reminder of exactly what you enjoy.

2. Pick something on your nourishment menu.
Look at your nourishment menu and pick something that you would love to do. You could start big with a vacation or you could start small with browsing a book store. It doesnt need to be grandeur it just needs to be something you enjoy.

3. Schedule it on your calendar.
It is time to make it a priority and put it on the calendar. If you dont put it on the calendar no one else will. Look at your calendar and ink in a date with me!

4. Make the arrangements.
Now that you decided what you want to do and you put it on your calendar; you now need to make the arrangements so that it actually happens. If you need to schedule a babysitter for your kids, start working on it. If you need to schedule vacation time, put the request in. Do whatever you need to do, step by step to make the date with yourself happen.

5. Go on your date.
It is time for your date with YOU! You might feel strange and uncomfortable being on a date with yourself. Especially if it has been awhile since you have done anything for you. Be patient, and remember to soak it all up. Treasure the time you have made to connect with you! It will be rejuvenating so you can be there for others. Now go have some fun!

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