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Develop a More Positive Attitude by Being Pleasant to Others

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It doesn't take too much effort to be pleasant to others.
A few kind words, or a small act of kindness, can all add up to make both the giver and the receiver feel good.
When you feel good, you want others to feel the same way, so happiness and a positive attitude spreads.
It is wonderful that so many small things in life can have such an impact on you and others.
Decide that you will be pleasant to everyone you meet.
Being pleasant can and does touch other people, and it can most certainly change the attitude of others.
If you find that when being kind to others, they don't return the pleasantries, don't become angry or annoyed! Don't worry about it.
Don't let that affect your positive attitude.
You must remember that you are responsible for your own attitude, so please do not allow others to get you into a "bad mood".
You can retain a positive attitude by ensuring that you respond to others and to events in a positive way.
When you get up in the morning, decide that you will have a good day.
Decide that you will have a positive day.
Focus on that, and it will happen! If something doesn't quite work out as you had planned, be optimistic that this was just a "one-off", and that everything will go smoothly the next time.
Have a smile and a good word for everyone you meet during the day.
What a difference that makes to you and those around you! Choose to be positive, and you will be.
Try it! Isn't it wonderful that your attitude is controlled by you, and you have the ability to ensure that you will have a good day? Have fun today!
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