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Hangover Remedies - 10 Tips To Cure Morning Sickness

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I just woke up and I'm hung-over.
What now? There has to be something I can do!After awakening, there are many things you can & should do to begin the hangoverrecovery process.
Here are 10 suggestions to have you feeling better soon: These first 5 suggestions for hangover recovery are recommended immediately after stumbling out of bed: 1) Re-hydrate your body with plenty of liquids.
Drink plenty of purified orspring water immediately after awakening and continue throughout the morning.
Tomato juice (such as V8), and other fresh fruit juices are also very effectiveliquids.
Sports drinks, such as Gatorade or Powerade, often speed up the body'sreplenishing process by including electrolytes and other essential vitamins.
Herbal teas, such as ginger tea, peppermint tea and chamomile tea can do wondersfor a hangover-laden stomach.
2) Make sure you eat a decent breakfast, especially if your stomach isrelatively empty from the night before.
Avoid foods with a lot of starch, animalfats or grease.
A greasy sausage in the morning may psychologically orphysically make your hangover symptoms feel worse! Laying down briefly aftereating breakfast may help your stomach settle and speed the hangover healingprocess.
3) With your breakfast, be sure to take vitamins, minerals and herbalremedies.
Panax Ginseng can bolster mental alertness (and physical endurance).
Milk Thistle and Dandelion root herbs can detoxify your liver.
The mineralsMagnesium and Calcium can replace lost nutrients due to alcohol consumption.
Finally, all B-Vitamins, Vitamin-C, and Acidophilus can all speed the healingprocess.
4) Try not to go overboard on aspirin, ibuprofen etc...
- it's easy to thinkyou need more than is prescribed on the bottle, but frequently only a smallamount will do the trick.
Try to avoid stronger prescribed pain killers as theymay be more addictive and have unwanted side effects such as drowsiness.
NOTE:The pain reliever acetaminophen has been linked to liver damage, therefore thisdrug should be avoided by drinkers.
5) Just 'sleep it off' (if you can).
After being awake and suffering for awhile, consider going back to sleep (if you have no pending obligations).
A goodnap after you've already had breakfast, aspirin, some water etc..
sometimesspeeds the healing process.
Just an hour or two back in bed may be what thedoctor ordered.
Consider using an alternative sleep aid such as soft music tohelp you get more rest.
Also, always have an eye mask on hand to block outunwanted light.
Here are 3 less conventional, yet possibly effective solutions to your hangover dilemma: 1) "Will" yourself to exercise.
This may be very difficult in the midst offeeling 'blah,' but if you can overcome your feelings and lack of morningmotivation, try to exercise any way you can.
Getting your body to moveultimately energizes your spirit and mental alertness and possibly helps yourbody rid excess alcohol and toxins more quickly.
One easy way to invigorate bodyand mind is to take a good brisk walk around the block.
2) Consider chewing gum aggressively, but don't overdo it.
By chewing gumfast or chewing several pieces at a time, you may make yourself temporarily morealert by increasing blood flow around the head and brain area.
Obviously do notchew if you have dental issues.
Also avoid chewing for too long - your jawmuscles may become tired or sore, possibly resulting in another headache.
3) Fill your sink with water and ice and keep dipping your head in-and-outuntil you've had enough.
This is sure to invigorate your senses! An ice coldshower can also have similar effects.
Finally: 1) If you have a nasty headache, try using a forehead ice pack.
Not only maythis help your headache but the coldness might actually help jolt your overallsystem into overdrive.
If you don't have an ice pack, make one by filling a re-sealable plastic bag with ice.
2) Just give it time.
One of the best remedies is to just give your hangover time to heal itself.
The severity or duration of a hangover varies by a numberof intangibles such as exactly how much, what and how quickly you drank youralcoholic beverage, the amount of time you slept the previous night and how muchfood you mixed in with your drinking.
Generally, your hangover will peak withinthe first 2 hours after awakening and steadily improve throughout the day.
Theaverage person will be clear of most hangover symptoms by mid-afternoon to earlyevening.
As you see, there are many ways to recover fairly quickly from terriblemorning hangovers, varying from scientifically proven common sense, to moreradical wisdom.
The biggest obstacle is having the 'will' to get over what ailsyou.
Using these suggestions you can easily cut recovery time by 50 percent ormore.
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