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Positive thoughts are not an easy thing to come by in this economic environment - whether you are tackling a mortgage, looking for a new job or just trying to make ends meet, it can get very difficult to put away the negativity and live a positive life! Here is a question to think about that can help you put yourself into perspective and begin to focus on the positive more often.
Are You a Copy or Are You Better? Good question.
To think about that can make you really want to hide under the covers.
Who am I? comes to mind..
along with Why am I this way? Am I different from others, or am I a copy of someone else? Am I different or am I both? Here is how I sorted through this question and brought myself to a new place in my own mind: Thinking back to when I was growing up, I always wanted to be like someone else; have the same hairstyle or clothing; have the same toys and experiences, not realizing that my own life made me who I was, my own experiences and family, created the me that I could be.
Whenever a large question comes up in my life, I take some time to mull it over ( and not hide under the covers), usually while I take a nice long run outside.
To analyze this question the cool, crisp late autumn air helped me focus.
By contemplating 'copy' or 'better' on my run I realized that now as an adult, I have experienced a great deal of life in different ways with both positive and negative circumstances, decided that this difficult question could actually be answered.
I thought about how I have become who I am today.
My influences, my family and my experiences -both positive and negative -created the person I am today.
The lessons from the experiences I take with me and re-apply to continue to create an even better me every day.
I have realized that I am my own unique individual - certainly not a copy of anyone! For the question of 'better;' - that could lead to very arrogant thinking and actions.
Am I Better? The answer is both no and yes.
No I am not better than my influences or experiences and certainly not better that my family! I can be a better me - everyday, every chance I get, by focusing on the world around me and how I contribute to it.
No copies, just a better me! Maybe the falling leaves and change of temperature helped me to see how each season of my life could be better if I chose to make it so.
I no longer need to hide under the covers when questions that could change my outlook arise to face me.
I take my time to think it over and then decide what is best for me.
It took a long time to learn not to worry about what others think, and to know in my heart that being a better me for the world around me would actually be better for all.
Especially now, when life can get very overwhelming and hectic, taking a few minutes to focus on what is good about me, makes it easier to face the challenges that come at me.
I know that I can handle them!
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