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Career First Impressions - Your "Elevator" Speech

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Have you ever thought how to best present yourself to make a good first impression for your career networking? In this article we are going to look now at how to pull together all the elements you have done so far in preparing yourself to grow your career.
We'll look at how to create your very own 'elevator speech' or what I call your 60 second speil, to make a good impression on the people you meet.
This will become central to a powerful first impression, so that you can begin to network with confidence.
Networking is a fast track to tapping into the hidden job market and possibly an interview, where you are in control of the agenda.
It is therefore imperative that you develop a great first impression.
Make a great first impression This is your opportunity to shine and to say something interesting and memorable about yourself! First impressions are important.
When you introduce yourself, take about one minute...
without speaking too fast.
Consider the points below which provide ideas and questions for you to consider in creating your 60 second spiel.
Build in what you have done so far to create a powerful statement.
It will change, depending on who you are talking to.
Include answers to the following questions.
Who are you? What has contributed to who you are; what could be of interest? What is interesting about you? What will the employer want to know? Where were you born? (If this is interesting).
How to say your name correctly if it is not easy to pronounce.
If you live somewhere far away from the job, say why you are applying for the position.
Think of things such as sport, travel, community involvement, creative pursuits and major achievements.
What do you have to offer? What are two powerful things that describe what you have to offer? Think of some words which describe you? What about you do people compliment? These words are part of your brand.
Do have qualifications relevant to what you are looking for? Recent graduates can be confident that they have up-to-date information, know about new ways of thinking and media.
What are your key strengths, values and attributes? What do you want? It's important to let people know what you want - otherwise they can't help you.
What is your career direction and what inspired you to apply for the job.
Who would you like to meet? What companies are you interested in? Practise answering the question - 'Tell me about yourself?' in 2 minutes or less.
This is your elevator speech.
You sound confident and you will make a great first impression.
Now that you have a way to tell family and friends what you want, as well as introduce yourself to new people, you also need to have your résumé ready, just in case it's required spontaneously.
Have fun as you make a great first impression!
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