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How To Make A Difference in People"s Lives

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God has made you to be extraordinary.
He has placed in you all that you need to have a good, productive, healthy, whole life, and to make a positive impact on the lives of other people, for His glory.
Your life is supposed to count.
You don't need to be a president, king, or world known preacher to have a great impact on people's life.
You don't need to try and fit in other people's mode, to have a successful life.
All you need to do is, BE.
Be what? you may ask.
Be who God has created you to be.
Remember, you are made to be remarkable and to have a profound effect in this earth.
"How can I be a success, and have a profound effect on people?" you may ask.
Here is the proper question to consider; Do you realize that you do not need to do something spectacular to be someone great? All you need to do is be willing and able to help people and meet their needs.
Really, that is what uncommon people do.
They see a need and do their best to fulfill it.
This may seem strange to some, but it is nonetheless true.
I have spent time speaking with successful people.
I have read biographies and autobiographies of winners.
And amid their differences in trade and services, there is one thing that they have in common.
They meet needs.
They provide a service, that helps people get where they want to go, do what they want to do, have what they want to have and be all they can be.
Here is another good point to consider: Success is not determined by other people's opinion of you.
Some people may think that you will never be what you desire to become in this life.
But if what you want to be is who God has created you to be and what He has set in your heart and destiny, never be moved by the negative opinions of others.
Instead, let their negative words bounce off of you and fuel in you the fire to go after your dream and purpose with a passion and drive that will not and cannot stopped by any form of criticism or obstacle.
Always remember that your success or failure is not to be based upon the destructive words of degrading people.
It is really a matter of what you know in your heart that you want to achieve in the Will of God, believe you can attain with His help and intensely, persistently pursue until it becomes a reality.
However, success does involve people.
It involves using the gifts and abilities that God has placed in you, to help others.
" But, you may say, "What gift can I possibly offer, that can be a blessing to anybody?" Trust me, you have something to offer.
And what you have can make you stand out as remarkable and extraordinary.
"But how can I recognize this gift?" you may ask.
The answer will come by asking yourself such simple questions as:What comes natural to me? What do I love doing that is a help to others and brings me great joy? What do I love doing that hurts no man, but rather helps somebody? What would I love to live my life doing as a career, that, should the opportunity come, I would do for the rest of my days? You may have noticed that I keep using the word, love.
What do you love doing? This statement alone should give you a great clue as to your life's purpose.
It may be that you have been using your talent all along, but simply did not see how to use it to your advantage.
I cannot tell you what gifts and abilities you have to give that can be of value to you, make you a blessing and yes even be of monetary value to you.
However, I can tell you this: When God placed you in this earth, He put gifts and abilities in you that if tapped into and used correctly can be of great help to others and can even make you wealthy.
All you have to do is ask yourself how you can be a blessing.
Ask yourself, "What can I do that can make a difference in the lives of others?" Recognizing and using your gifts, talents and abilities, with wisdom, development and maturity, causes you to live the uncommon life.
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