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Surrender is a mystical form of worshiping the divine.
Jesus lived in the state of worship by surrendering and opening to divine wisdom, love and knowledge.
Surrender opens the Sacred Heart.
Love and wisdom can then flow in and out of the heart with ease.
When you surrender, you are giving yourself to the divine, Radiant Love and the vibrant wisdom that dwell within.
Surrender frees one from the feelings and thoughts that limit or stop the flow of good.
The divine, radiant self will lead you to the truth and you will walk in union with love and peace.
Suddenly, you begin to realize the truth about your situation.
Through surrender, new life is born within, new ideas flow from you, and inspiration flows through you.
Life becomes magical, and you embrace its miracles.
When you surrender, the gateway to resurrection opens.
You begin to surrender the limited thoughts and painful feelings of the past.
This leads to a clearer, freer energy of love.
Truth can replace the limitation and the world can open in many new ways.
A new life is born within.
This is resurrection.
The process of resurrection is ongoing.
The opportunity to rise to the next level of energy and consciousness is always available.
Once you begin to understand the concept and practice of surrender, life takes on sweetness and freshness, and a glow of love emanates from you.
The act of surrender is a commitment to your personal resurrection that begins to activate the fire of transformation within.
The fire of transformation may start to burn within the body, and an intense energy may begin to move through you, bringing freedom from suffering, limitation and rage.
Electrical energy may cause the body to jump, jerk, tingle and vibrate bringing the body into a state of surrender.
The gift of purification is yours when you worship the Divine through surrender.
The cells are cleansed and they release the old structure of energy they have been holding.
New energy begins to move through the body bringing you a sense of unconditional love and peace.
The ego that wants to be loved, to control, to win and be right, will begin to evolve.
As you surrender the need to control, the need to win, or the need to be right, you find perfect peace.
Once the needs are surrendered, the way is made clear.
You are resurrected, and experience clarity in mind, purity in emotions and energy.
The gifts of love and joy will all be yours, as well as the dance of passion, the passion to live life and feel ecstasy.
Your heart will open into gratitude and grace will fill your life.
We are now in the season of Fall and the leaves are getting ready to surrender.
They are in the process of changing colors in preparation for the cycle of letting of life as they know it.
Take this time to go within and ask yourself what you are willing to letting go of.
Open the Gateway to your Resurrection.
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