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3 Ways To Become More Confident Now

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You're about to read 3 ways that you can follow to become a more confident person right now.
The sooner you start with these tips, the sooner you'll start noticing the effects on your confidence.
Before we continue, you should understand that confidence is not something that you are born with.
It is not genetically determined.
Confidence is simply a result of your experiences you've been exposed to your whole life.
If you happen to not have much confidence, it's simply because you're been conditioned to not be confident and you have certain beliefs and thought processes that need to be undone so that you can become more confident.
So here we go, 3 ways to become more confident right now: 1- Eliminate negative thinking.
One of the biggest reasons why people lack confidence and have low self esteem is because they are terribly negative.
Take some time to observe your own thoughts and you'll quite likely find that you have a lot of negative thoughts.
Stop limiting yourself, stop calling yourself names, stop beating yourself up.
Stop looking for reasons to prove to yourself that you are a loser or not good enough.
Instead, start complimenting yourself, start motivating yourself and start cheering yourself on.
Become your own best fan.
2- Identify and destroy your limiting beliefs.
Limiting beliefs are thoughts and statements that you've come to accept as being true although they are far from being true.
For example, let's imagine that you had a bad teacher in high school and as a result your math grades were appauling.
You barely passed and your teacher told you that you suck at math.
Maybe you come to believe that you suck at math, and the bad test scores are proof.
But maybe you are really good at math if you had a better teacher.
And if you accepted this limiting belief, you might spend all your life thinking you suck at math.
Identify all your limiting beliefs, write them down on paper and see how you can prove them wrong.
Destroy those limiting beliefs and your confidence will soar.
3- Diet and exercise.
A healthy lifestyle can help enormously in making your more confident.
Eating a balanced natural diet and cutting out processed foods will give you more energy and zest for life, and exercising regularly will make you feel better, stronger and make you look better too which automatically helps you be more confident.
Implement these 3 tips right now and you'll very soon start to be a much more confident person.
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