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Is There a Key to Instant Happiness?

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The key to instant happiness is the detachment we feel about a person, a situation, or a thing to make us happy.
Many people are unhappy because they are searching for happiness outside of themselves.
Little did they know that, happiness is within themselves and not outside of themselves.
If you decide that no person, situation, or thing can make you unhappy then there will never be.
Detachment is letting go of all the attachment you feel because it is not the situation that will make you happy.
Happiness is a choice and if you are unhappy with what you are now, realize that you made this choice and it may take a long time for you to understand it.
One of my friends whom I used to work with in a call center once said to me that she doesn't want to leave her job because all her friends work there so she became very unhappy no matter how big she was earning.
I grew up thinking that I have no choice to live and work where I want because everything was chosen for me by my father and the result was I was stuck in the status quo because I believed I have no choice.
Later, I realized that not doing anything is in itself a choice.
When I learned how to use the principles of the Law of Attraction, I found out that I always have a choice to do what I feel is best for me and that my happiness is my responsibility and no one else's.
You have a choice to accept the things the way they are or you can do something about it, so decide what you want and believe that it is possible for you and the universe will figure out how to manifest those things in your reality.
Inculcate in your mind that no person or situation can ever make you happy and there is no such thing as outside happiness because it is within you.
Stop searching for happiness outside yourself so that you will experience permanent and reliable happiness that will stay in your heart for always.
Choose your own thoughts and deliberately think that you can be happy and you will be inspired at the thought that you can look at your circumstances in another way and you will begin to see opportunities.
Don't be afraid to take actions and assume the responsibility that you can create your own happiness without waiting for anybody or anything to do that for you.
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